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Day of Hiroshima Bombing~Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bomb Attack

Day of Hiroshima Bombing:- Even today, if you Open the History of Several Thousand Years ago, then you Definitely get to see the Descripation of the War. and Even today Wars Continue to Happen but there is Some Difference Between today’s and Earlier Wars. In Earlier Times, wars were Fought with Each other According to Rules with Weapons, but today’s era is Different, now Wars are Fought with Many new Weapons, Like gun, Cannon, ammo Ball, Bomb, Atomic Bomb etc. Day of Hiroshima Bombing

Day of Hiroshima Bombing

Then at One Time Atomic Bomb was Used in the War, in Which Lakhs of People Lost their Lives and Lakhs Remained Injured. That Period was Terrible for all the Family Members, there was Devastation all Around. In the Memory of the Same, Hiroshima Day is Celebrated Every Year even today, so Let’s go to Know about Hiroshima Day……

What is Hiroshima Day

Today Hiroshima is a Very Big City in the Country of Japan, Whose Total Pepulation is Around 11,26,247 at Present. In the year 1945 During World war ll, the City was Badly Destroyed by the United States by Dropping an Atomic Bomb. During this Time, America had Dropped Atomic Bombs in two Cities of Japan, Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Day of Hiroshima Bombing

In today’s time, every Year on August 06, Hiroshima Day is Celebrated as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. Yes, this Day is Celebrated every Year in Japan in Memory of the Victims of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima During World War II. This Program is Organized in an Annual Program, Let us Know about this Important Day.

Purpose of Hiroshima Day

Today, Hiroshima Day is an Annual Event held Every Year to Commemorate the Horrors of Nuclear Weapons and Maintain Peace Everywhere. Due to Which a Historical and Serious Example of a Disastrus thing Falling on a Citizen is Presented. This event aims to Promote Peace and Nuclear Disarmament and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Around the World today.

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How to Celebrate Hiroshima Day

On this Day Ceremony, all the People Present there Concentrate their Mind by Observing Silence for 1 Minute Continuously from 08:15 AM. We pray for the Peace of the Sould of Those whor Died During the Blast. By Paying Homage to them, Bells are Rung and the Dead People are Remembered. On this Day Children Give Speeches for Peace and Paper Lanterns are also Floated on the Motoyasu River in Memory of the Victims. Wishing Peace to all the World

In this Day Hiroshima Says that all Countries have to Maintain Peace and all Countries have to Work Together to Eliminate Deadly Weapons Like Nuclear Weapons. The Survivors of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima are today Known as Hibakusha.

Hiroshima Historical Background

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bomb Attack Date:- On 06 August 1945, During the Final Stages of World War II, the United States Dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshimag, a Metropolis in Western Japan. The Name of this Bomb was Named”Little Boy”. Till now no Atomic Bomb was used in the war but this was the First Atomic Bomb which was used During the . War the Bomb Completely Destroyed the City, Resulting in the Deaths of Millions, and Injuring Millions more.

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Nagasaki Day

On August 06, 1945 the United State Dropped the Atomic Bomb on the Famous City of Hiroshima in Japan, Ending World War II. When it Did not Happen, America Again threw an Atomic Bomb on Jagasaki, Another City Located in Japan, on August 09, 1945 which was Nammed “Fat Man”. As a Resule, During this Time Also lot of Damage was done in the City and there was Destruction all Around. and Today, in his Memory, Every Year August 09 Nagasaki also Celebrates as Nagaski Day.

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Today in this Article you have been told about Hiroshima Day. This Information was Written to you on the Historical event, in this way, if you want to read about all other events that Happened in History, then stay with the Website. and if you have any kind of Question in your Mind, then Definitely ask by Commenting. Day of Hiroshima Bombing


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